Streamed Services 

EBC Cut downServices and other whole church activities use Facebook Live, see below for more information on how to set up notifications. Events are recorded and are available on Facebook afterwards. For some activities the audio files is also available here.

Currently church services are streamed weekly and Worship On Wednesday every other week.

If you haven't got the Facebook app then for mobile devices go to

or for other types of equipment such as PCs, etc please try

Find the menu that contains: Home, About, Photos, Events, Videos, Posts, Community.

Click on "Videos" to view recorded videos, click on "Posts" to see the current postings on which Facebook Live and chat appear.

In order to get Facebook Live notifications:
1) Go to the Emmanuel Facebook page as described above
2) Hover over or click on the "Following" button
3) Under Notifications click the "edit" button
4) Under Live Videos select "All Live Posts" for when to get notified of live videos
Emmanuel Baptist, 23/03/2020