Small group meetings 

ZoomLogoThese meetings are slowly restarting when allowed. When this is not possible then we are trying to use ZOOM to host small group meetings, such as housegroups. This will allow us to talk and see each other.

This requires an internet connection and a device with a microphone and preferably a camera.

The meetings will be short, typically less than 30 minutes, so we all need to:
  1. Ensure we are in a quiet room with no extraneous backgrounds sounds, such as music or TV
  2. Mute the microphone unless speaking, in order to reduce unnecessary noises
  3. Listen
  4. Try the link, see below, before the meeting time so that any glitches can be sorted prior to the meeting start
The Zoom website contains some useful data if you are either setting up meetings or are interested.

Most people will receive an invitation to a meeting, which will contain a link to that meeting. Clicking on the link in the invitation will allow the software to be installed if needed, etc. For your first meeting do this prior to the meeting.  


Emmanuel Baptist, 23/03/2020